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05-14-2011, 02:49 PM
This is only a serious issue with NPCs that have medics and engineers, which are pretty much Feds, Mirror Feds and Romulans, and possibly Cardassians. I suppose with Klingons it could be a problem not being able to identify the swordmasters. However, I believe the swordmaster occupies a specific rank in the Klingon NPC class, so labeling them is not as difficult as with Feds where the NPC class is completely random.

I'll say it again, just name your NPCs differently and make sure they don't all have the exact same appearance. It's not hard in itself to identify the medics, and may just serve as an added challenge. But, because the NPCs move around during combat and you can only target one NPC at once, if there is no way to distinguish between the NPCs then that would be more irritating.

The medics and engineers tend to announce their identities fairly frequently, but it still is nice to be able to say "the Warmaster is a medic" or "the Clown is an engineer".