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05-14-2011, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by sentinel64
I did the Devidian re-run with a Kling and while doing it, I thought of how ridiculous is plays out as a Kling on a Fed Starbase... in the 23 century. One mission has you going to several sections of the occupied base. My Kling interacts with the Feds and no one thinks about having a Kling on a Fed starbase. The best moment is during the last mission, in which, Scotty actually says repeatedly, to my Kling CPT, "Thats a strange uniform you are wearing," so the Kling skull and battle dress don't make him more worried?

I know that this was originally intended for FED characters, but there should be some different responses for a Kling character.
Back then, Klingons didn't look like that (they had the augment virus that smoothed their forheads) so they couldn't identify you as a Klingon. They think you're just an alien.