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05-15-2011, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by Trekkiemelissa
I just knew this was going to pop up. You ran against me and some of my fleetmates today. Mind you, most of us don't play together all the time. This was real rare to even have 5 science together. We did not discuss that we were going to be 5 science. It just happened that way. We were not all using the breen parts either.
Yes I belive your team was one of the 4 i played with all sci`s, I dont think the individual powers need nerf-ing its just alot when some stack or take it in turns with the buffs.

Yes it was good tactics, but not even 3 escorts on an alpha strike would take down one of the 4 or 5 Long range retros.

As I said its not about loosing 15-0 (thats happened plenty as part of a ramdom team), it was just terrible, cant move, cant shoot, no shields, torps from 20 odd pets etc etc

I just think that the game should lean towards ballanced, I dont think 5 sci ships should own a ballanced group or 5 escorts or crusiers. This is more the case in the lower PVP.