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Originally Posted by Kirkfat View Post
Hmm... the closest I think that you can come to this is a complete all objective that would give the player a patrol type mission, but you couldn't start with a ds9 contact.

Try this: make 3 different locations and put 3 different contacts at each location. Put 3 talk to contact objectives in the story tab under a complete all objective. If it's the first objective, then you should have 3 different transition tabs. If you specify different systems as doors, then it allows the player to pick which system mission to do first, and he/she has to go back to sector space to go to another objective.

But I'm not sure how you could do this using contacts at ds9 as the doors. Sorry. Please visit us in the sbugc chat room. Others can help you in real time.

You don't have to use objects at all.

Figured out how the beam out option works with map transitions.

So in my quest

Mission Type 1 - Shuttlebay door in DS9

Mission Type 2 - Beam out of world

Mission Type 3 - I think I'm going to use a beam out option as well.

But all 3 missions are taken from DS9.

However the overall story starts at ESD.... So there is some traveling involved to kinda explain the plot leading to the 3 types of missions which are taken from DS9 NPC contacts