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05-16-2011, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by Sprint01
If SWG can give players full 360% access to space via Jump to Lightspeed, then so can STO. Space in STO is fun and all, but it feels dumbed down, compared to SWG.
It is not a problem of being unable to do it, it is a problem of being unwilling to do it. It is a deliberate design decision to limit the flight angles and not allow full 3D flight. The intention is to have fights look close to how they were in the shows.

It can also be noted that there is a distinct lack of 3D space combat "sims" in the past few years. I suspect it is no longer econimocal to create such games, as the audience is too small and can'T deal with this type of gameplay. Which is really a shame... I would love another Descent or Indendency War...