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05-16-2011, 09:20 AM
Originally Posted by RevTerasis
Well... i got a 1 Star Review on my first Mission because somebody could not get through the Force Field on the Starbase.

In fact... the misson has no Starbase and no Forcefield.

What I am trying to say is:

There are people out there who are doing 1 Star Reviews just to rate it down, and if they want to they find a way to do "argue" why they have done so.

Don't bother with this.

I read reviews of other players first and i am very careful with 1 Star Ratings.

No Foundry Author who really tried to make something worth my while will ever get a one star from me... that's not fair.... (unless its really, really bad an not meant serious at all...)
This is true. I have had 1 star ratings with the old adage "mission is broken" when 5 people run it before them and 5 people after have no problems whatsoever. I still don't know if it's a Foundry/STO bug, maybe just a bad signal with the users machine, or someone just wanting to bring the mission rating down for some reason or another. As far as the story goes, I rate missions on this as being the paramount part of my review. If there are alot of other issues, I prefer to send PM's (E-mails) in game to those authors instead of publicly slamming someones spelling and grammer. Alot of authors are not from the USA, and English is not their native language, so I try not to lambaste someone on this for all to see. A few polite suggestions to try using MS Word or another "text checker" is usually taken graciously and appreciated. There is a tremendous amount of work to get a "polished" mission published, and if I play an extremely bad or silly mission that does show alot of work went into it, I will usually try to refrain from placing a rating on it at all. As far as missions in different languages, I won't play it if I can't understand what to do. Where would the fun be in that. I just pass them over, I won't rate something without playing it through. If it bugs and I can't complete it, I drop it and try again another day if it is not "broken".
We as authors are the creative engines in our missions, and we will never please everyone, whether it be our story, or an odd bug that we have no control over. In my second mission, the interior of the wormhole (default), is extremely bright for some players. I have no idea why, but I have no control over it whatsoever, so when I get a 1 or 2 star because of it, I usually try to disregard it. I know I cannot do anything about it, so I find no reason to stress about it. I have had the same comment regarding the wormhole with some of my 4 and 5 star ratings too, and it does not appear to happen to everyone, so why sweat it.

My Missions:

Omega Directive Revisited (Part I - The Investigation) Level 31+ (Approx 1.5 Hour mission)

A sound plot leading into the second part, with a few unlikely non-canon items like a handful of Hirogen ships able to blockade and have ground based squads on Andoria with no apparent Federation resistance and an uncharacteristically emotional, paranoid, and disrespectful Vulcan Captain on DS9.

Omega Directive Revisited II (Part II - Break the Link) Level 31+ (Approx 1.5 Hour mission)

Travel into the Gamma Quadrant to use the information gained during your investigation and stop the enemy from executing their plan. Strong canon based sequel for this second part. Will stand alone if you choose not to play Part 1.

Start to my New Series Released Saturday

Spawn of Medusa Level: Any level player (Approx 1 hour)

A new enemy, unlikely ally, and plenty of action in this start to my new series.
*Decent Ground Combat
*Decent Space Combat
*Dialogue Heavy storyline
*Fairly easy Trek trivia based puzzles for newer players
*Heavy interactive storyline.

Hope you give them a go.