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Originally Posted by NotValeriusCato View Post
I'd really like to know what I'm doing wrong then! I always set up exploits, often with the Breen gun and a sniper rifle, and target single enemies with the whole squad, try to get in a couple of grenades from a boff or two, but still find that I get medics down to like 5% and then have them heal up completely in one or two actions.
Are you talking about Captain Medics? Because I'll revise my initial post. It seems like Mirror Feds don't actually spawn Captain Medics or Commander Medics (at least not in the test mission I made where I fought numerous groups). Only normal Feds do. I suppose it's possible that the type of enemies that spawn are level specific, but I don't think that is too likely since Mirror Feds aren't even available until level 30 something to begin with.

As a result I've never actually fought Captain Medics, so I can't say with certainty you can take them out. Based on the amount of health the Captains have, I could see that it could actually become impossible. I'll have to test things out with my Klingon character and see.

If you're talking about the lieutenant or ensign medics then I'm not sure what the problem is. With my tactical officer I can one-shot a Lieutenant Medic with an exploit on Elite, but I am spec'ed in rifles so my damage will be about a third higher than a non-tac. Still, on normal it seems like you should be able to take them down. Try getting a sniper rifle with Crit H mods, that way it will critical more often, which should be enough to get them down. Even if you don't kill the ensigns/lieutenants right off the bat they can't usually heal themselves fast enough to prevent being finished off. However, if there are multiples you might nearly need to get the one-shot in order to get rid of them.

Honestly, Cryptic probably should balance the medics out better. You should never have more than one medic per rank, and at the higher ranks there has to be some way to kill them.