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05-16-2011, 05:37 PM
In my second Klingon mission, one of my own fleet members told me, the last fight was the hardest he ever had in STO. The same happened to another player later on. So out of currently approx. 70 reviews, a few were bad for "mob-too-hard" reasons. I explained to my fleet member, that there is no control as to what exact enemy will spawn. Same to the other player, both were under-standing.

I played a mission once, where you had to face 6 captain level mobs, teamed in two groups of three.

Two of these groups spawned 2 Medics each and while the rest were Targ food in no time time, killing these two groups took me two hours. It was painful.
(If anyone wants to give that mission a try, he can PM me... )

That mission was not good for other reasons AND overuse of high level mobs.

I would not downrate a mission, because I got unlucky with a spawn. It's more or less like playing the lottery.

Beam out, if you can, continue and hope that your cards are better this time. (You can usually quick click through the parts you already accomplished and as far as I know, the NPCs on the uncompleted map aren't cached.).

In the long run I think Foundry authors need the freedom to decide, what type of mob exactly will spawn.

btw, to answer another post I read here: There is no way to label them correctly through e.g. uniforms, if you re-skin them, which often is necessary. It all depends on your player rank, then a lot of randomness.
Watch their actions and the icons they use, then go and prioritize your targets. (healers first, etc)