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05-16-2011, 05:38 PM
Originally Posted by BorrowedTune
As far as disclaimers and worrying about ruining someone's rp back story... whatever. Write the story you want, guys. Dare to push boundaries. Break rules. Challenge preconceptions. It will either be a spectacular success or failure depending on your skill and ability to pull it off.
No! Don't encourage rule breaking. The foundry is designed to work with certain mission and story types. They aren't here for massive mob combat, not here for RP environments, or dialogue-tree click and wins. The missions are designed for a mixture of dialogue and 3-5 combat encounters. To do otherwise is to raise the specter of rule breaking. We aren't here to push the envelope of storytelling, that is Cryptic's job. Our job as foundry authors is to provide the best stories which fit within the EULA rules of content creation.