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05-16-2011, 06:20 PM
While you may have no control over what type of NPC spawns, you do know that it is random. So if you place a Captain level group, then you are willingly choosing to have the possibility of a Captain level medic spawn. You mentioned that it is like playing the lottery, and you are right. However, it is you(the author) who are gambling, and you are doing it with the fun of the people who play your mission. So if you choose to gamble with other people's fun and they loose, then you should also loose in the rating they give you.
Fair enough, if people think they have to give me a bad rating for this, then I'm fine with that. I never overdo it with boss fights. I do not blame players for it. Most do not know the limitations of the Foundry.

By comparison: Most ratings in my missions so far are 4 or 5 and have good reviews not only in the Game.

For the mission I was talking about:
2 out of 70 complaining about combat being too tough. (both not 1 stars btw)
Several mentioning combat is too easy. (not one stars)
3 reviews for language not being English. (and growing... all 1-stars from trolls)

So, how exactly would you make it right for everyone?

I died several times myself in another mission the other day. It still was a good mission. I did not downrate it, just because I got unlucky and I did not feel the author over-used boss encounters. Of course I am more tolerant, because I know what theoretically can happen 1 out of 100 times.

btw, I might add that in my mission you have the option to call in reinforcements before the fight. Both players that died chose to not do that despite an earlier dialogue warning.