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05-17-2011, 12:57 AM
Originally Posted by JojoTheIndianCircusBoy
Not to mention the skill points you have to spend on transphasic vs photon quantum. 900 more points if fully maxed out. Really transphasic, plasma, chroniton, and tricobalts should be as good if not a little better than quantums and photons. That only makes sense. Right now they are all inferior. Don't even get me started with beam weapons.
Well, do keep in mind that the devs want quantums and photons to be more appealing to players. Lore says that is what should be used most of the time.

But, yeah, ignoring cost, they all need to be about equal. That way, people interested in saving points will use the cheap options, as fits the lore, and those that want to fit the lore will be rewarded with saving some skill points. Meanwhile, those after a particular effect will just pay the extra 900 or 1800 points, which really isn't that much. 900 points is 2 less ranks in T5 skills, for example, something you won't really even notice the difference of.