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I've been working on a new idea and wondered if anyone else had tried this and if it was liked or hated by the community.

It can be hard enoug hto write dialogue generic enough for the player but it's often like having one arm tied behind your back when trying to write for their bridge officers whom are liable to be as difrent as can be. I have wanted to write missions where the ship and crew feel alive like in the shows With the advent of shuttles and soon to be fighters I got an idea.

the Mission has 3 concepts that require the player to follow to have the most fun:

1) The player is not the captain, they are the Chief Flight Control Officer

2) They should be flying a shuttle or fighter

3) that they should keep their BOs waypointed and out of the way as the story will ignore them. (mostly)

Chief Flight Control officer seems the perfectaternate positon to put the player in a difrent role but still give them that space combat fix.

My hope is to develop a crew with personality for the player to interact with during the mission so that the player becomes invested in protecting his comrades in the away team. I think it coud be a very fun immersive environment

So what do you all think?