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05-18-2011, 01:13 AM
The Nagus is indeed wise.

I'm just a little sad that all the other missions have a nice picture to show and I am, well, artistically challenged.
I would really, really love and appreciate it, if someone would be able to whip up a little mission-picture that I could also post on Starbase UGC to promote my mission (or, very soon, mission series).

And, well, a trailer. I would give anything for a well made trailer.
In fact, if it isn't against forum policy, I would reward a good trailer or a well made promotion banner for my series with a gift of an awesome game from the GOG-library (except Witcher 2).

Go and let your artistic juices flowing, or something! Show the world how you can transform a relatively simple mission into an exciting trailer or a movie poster!