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Title: Lost now Found
By Bazag

The duties of Starfleet were many, especially in an environment as war torn as the galaxy seemed to be. For the Bajoran Vice Admiral, Talar Bazran some of the occurances he understood all too well. People doing what they must to survive even that commander of the Tal Shiar Hakeev, in his own way.

However there was so much more that made little sense the Hirogen. Hunting others for sport? That made no sense from a tactical perspective nor from any other really. The True Way had some ideological basis but hurting their own people to cow them into submission? That wasnít survival that was something else entirely.

He had become tired of war, tired of having to make decisions that resulted in peopleís lives being lost, tired of having to continually defend himself and others from the aggressions of others but most importantly tired emotionally.

However there was one thing that he had that kept him fighting. His fatherís earring, it had been taken when his father had been killed during the occupation but ten years ago almost exactly to the day. A young Cardassian had sought him out and returned the earring to Bazran. He didnít ask why or hat drove the Cardassian to return it but finally once again he had a link back to his father.

Every time he held it he knew he couldnít stop fighting for what was right. He could not let himself forget his father and his dogged determination to fight against the Cardassians for a free Bajor then and now Talar Bazran could only fight for those that needed help whether it was through the branch of diplomacy or through the end of a phaser. His work still had to go on.