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05-18-2011, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by DoggyDude
Need Cash Quick Cryptic? Got a tip

This message is for Cryptic, there something you could make available in the C-Store and very simply in the game which I (and I susspect many others) would be willing to pay alot for). So listen up =].

Put a product in C-Store allowing you to buy an Exchange on your Ship Bridge!!!

There you go.. I'd be willing to pay alot for that. In fact, keeping the price higher so less people decide to buy it will make it more appealing.

Then you sell the ability to have a bank on your ship bridge.

Make it per character too .

Go on, you know you want to and I'm sure lots of people would pay for that?

What say you other STO folks?

I think I'd be willing to pay up to $10 for the priviledge of the bank access and over $20 for having access to the exchange.
I'm going to have to go with no on this one.

IMO there's quite a few things that we should have avaiable VIA our vessels:

Mail in our Ready Room
Bank in our Cargo Bay
A working Sick Bay
A working Engineering Lab for Crafting and for ship repairs
A working Holodeck to run Foundry Missions
A working Shuttle Bay
A working Transporter Room
A working 10 Foward where we can get free standard food items
A working upgradeable Armory where we can get all common - rare Faction issued items stocked for merits/energy credits

The Exchange should always be off ship; if it were on our vessels, we would not really need Space Docks.