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05-18-2011, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by Admiral Dr. Leonard McCoy
You do realize I didnt say the refit was for sure gonna be a T5...if you actually read what I said...."The answer has not been NO..yet. We know they are working on a Connie Refit...and , with the tons of T5 threads, we hope they will hear us and make it a T5."

And I do understand the words..and NO has yet to be said....true, probably not is the probable answer...but its not over yet...but, then again, ive already said that a couple times...

good thing you do read before you..oh wait....
Again last sentence back to you
Originally Posted by myself
So I have to reverse your first sentence: Hope what you want.
Furthermore I also remember me writing that No has yet to be said too, which does rather show that we agree there than that I didn't read the posts

Originally Posted by McItoshi
As has already been pointed out people can already do that !
look at the Raptor, Bird of Prey, D,kyr, Nebula and then the Excelsior which is arguably a better ship in game.
Arguing that it should no be added because its an old design dose not match what we already have in the game.

Although not set in stone we can also reasonably expect the Ambassador and the andorian ship (Another NX era ship) to have T5 variants going by past experience why not a constitution for those that want it?

I'll also add people don't get beat by the ships they are beaten by other players - how often do you loose a fight in PvE?

You also speak of peoples "immersion" yours or others, what about my immersion? I cannot stand the Galaxy X I think its hideous and should not be in the game. But I fully accept that there are a lot of people who do like it and want to play it. I didn't cry for it to barred from the game and I don't cry for it to be removed from the game - I just accept that its there and ignore it so why cant the same apply to a high tier retrofit constitution.
I have to admit that I was waiting for the Gal X to come into play here:
The difference between those ships is that the Gal-X is a ship used in the 25th century. Saying she is hideous is btw NEARLY the same as saying the normal Galaxy is. We could of course start argung about her being from another quantuum reality, but that discussion should be between SCIENTISTS. So I would like to withdraw from that aspect, since my subject has nothing to do with time travel or quantuum theories.
Her mere fact that people think she is hideous does btw not ruin immersion, the fact that a 300 year old vesel has the same capabilities as ships that were, more than once, shown as being stronger does.

About those other ships:
Vulcan ships look VERY similar to the V'kyr. Siimilar enough to let her slide.
Some races tend to change their Ship designs others do not. The Federation though has shown that its designs drastically change.

The Nebula is a 24th century ship therefore within a reasonable refit range.

Excelsior: I would have put the refit version on T4.

Ambassador ref - See above

About being beaten by people not by ships: Not entirely true.
I would like to invite you to a little experiment:

Both of us unequipp our shields, use the same weapons(amount too) and we just autofire at each other, you use a Constitution I use any t5 ship
I think I don't have to talk about the odds of the conny winning. - So say who has defeated your ship now: Me, doing nothing but pressing the same button you did, or my ship having a stronger hull?

Again, I too said that several times during this WHOLE discussion (including other threads)
Conny vs Sov is the same as galleon vs modern battleship

So sorry guys both parties will have to find a compromise, and I propose:"
Imho a fair solution for everyone. It looks like a conny, they could make it bigger and the design actually says 'beyond 23rd century'