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Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
Twisting someone words and not taking them for face value is not nice or allowed. Please dont do that.
Canon is not broken. All ships are represented in the game based upon their value as well as their time period which is fine. Some people wish for a constitution to work like a 25th century ship. While many wish to ignore the time reference of ship design as well as every ship in game being represented based upon its time frame.

Again I say all ships are represented in game based upon their time frame as well as power allocations. Please try to show examples when you make a reference. It helps for one to understand your point. As the rules state do not call someone wrong because you dont agree with them. You should show your side without calling them wrong as I have done numerous times.

example a T5 excelsior is the lokota which is something starfleet created via DS9. The vulcans had science ships in the late 24th century and created ships that are capable of doing what the STO version does. Many of the T5 ships are special in all respecs to late time frame.

All ship designs are in balance with how ships worked from the show or at least close to it. The connie is in the game as an iconic representation of captain kirk and well as the NX being the first warp 5 ship. If you wish to fly that ship through the whole game then it will be a challenge but I dont see why you cant add higher gear and play. People arent against the connie but the mere fact that no such ship was ever created in a class of superior fire power or abilities. Tradition of over 40 years seems to not be taken into consideration. Lets just ignore it for the sake of ignoring it. T5 ships are the way they are due to their technical specifications and iconic stance. I dont see how a connie should be able to stand up against a soverign or for that matter a galaxy.

In closing as I think the situation has ended. the latest ask cryptic did answer the clause that CBS feels that such a design of a ship should not happen. You may ignore the asnwer but now i see some do not care about answers and just will consider a no not a no. its funny but yeah its sucks to see such attributes in the end.
I believe I have already stated in earlier posts that techincal specs mean nothing. They are 1) subjective and 2) depending on which side of the fence you sit on this issue can be favorable towards your argument. Being that this is a GAME based on a science FICTION franchise, anything is possible. Canon only goes as far as story arcs and has nothing to do with actual game play. I mean really, do you think that your captain is impacting Canon as you play. Of course he doesn't. There is a reason the STO main server is called HOLODECK. If you want to have a technical reason why a T5 connie could work you can find one, if you want a technical reason why it won't you can find that too. Being that this is FICTION, you can make up anything you want and have it be believable. I mean ,Shatner brought his character back to life in his book with the borg's help. Spock was brought back to life because of the genesis wave. Data was brought back to life through some technical mumbo jumbo. Are you telling me they can't do the same with an iconic design. Bring it back to life.

all ships should be upgradeable to end-game. players should be able to choose what their captain flys at all levels. what my captain flys and how powerful it is has no bearing on any other players game play just as what you fly and how powerful it is has no bearing on my game play.