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05-19-2011, 12:09 AM
About the accolade, heres how to get it:

1: Leave your BO's at the spawn point

2: Set the BO's to "Passive"

3: NEVER ever shoot if you aggro. If you Die... try again.

4: RUN RUN RUN (have plenty of hypos).

5: If possible ally yourself with a Tac, who uses "Stealth Module", and if possible with someone who is Ambassador (DXP gives big bonus in this mission), and let him do the work on his own (Yes... that means you will stay at spawn as well).

6: Never EVER shoot if you aggro.

7: Don't choose any agressive moves in the mission (say... for example knocking down the Ensign lady at that console).

Now... some may mistakenly claim that if the TOS people shoot at you, you won't get the accolade... Wrong.

I've helped 3 people past that mission so far, we've gotten shot at 2 of thoose times, and using the above method all 3 got their accolade.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Oh BTW: If you need me to help you go through it, try contacting me in-game by a tell @anazonda. If I am on, I am happy to help you (provided I am not in the middle of a mission).