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T'Shani, ever efficient in her duties, had two styluses at hand. Most of the crew who have visited her quarters never took much note of it and simply wrote it off as the usual 'Vulcans are always prepared' excuse. And it mattered less considering she only used one---the more logically updated one for her paperwork as opposed to the other one collecting dust on her desk, looking old enough to be around when the Federation once were allies with the Klingon Empire.

But they had never seen her work privately in her quarters, sitting as primly as possible as she worked on schematics, the old stylus twirling between her long fingers, and if they did, it would be an alarming sight. You see, it was a rather human thing to do, like when someone's leg shakes absently if they sat still for too long. Vulcans have a more stronger control on their bodies to not warrant such a subconscious reaction and yet here was their Vulcan captain, spinning the stylus absently as her focus remained solely on the work in front of her.

There was nothing special about this stylus as far as her crew was concerned. Vulcans do not hold such favors over inanimate objects. It was simply not a logical past time to do. However not logical, it did not mean that T'Shani believed in it.

It belonged to her human lover, who had passed on. A momento of the first time they had met.

“Illogical,” She had said quietly, watching a man no older than twenty-five passing the time away in a cramped conference room by spinning a stylus obscenely fast and with a begrudging precision. “What use do you have with creating arc motions with a stylus?”

If anything, the spinning was starting to grate on her nerves and not even a quiet meditation could quell it. Perhaps it was the lowered temperature of the room to suit the human visitors or the way the young man barely out of the academy seemed so...nonchalant about precious dilithium shipments between colonies?

“I'm bored. This is a dying art for the bored. Not everyone can do this anymore. Takes skill.” The man said with a long suffering sigh. T'Shani raised an eyebrow.

“I am unfamiliar with this practice,” She admitted, not all too familiar about Earth customs. Which was reprehensible. As soon as she returned home, she will have to brush up on it if she was to ever mingle with the Human populous again. “Does spinning an object like a stylus cure your ineptitude to concentrate?”

The man paused and stared at the stylus, as if contemplating the universe before looking back at her and shrugged. “It is what it is.”

“I do not understand.”

“It's hard to explain why I do it, I just do.” He then grinned, which for some reason, affronted her. “Want me to teach you?”

It was a rather eventful thirty minutes.

She was startled out of her silent reverie when First Officer Shelana buzzed and entered her quarters, carrying what looked like a cracked dilithium crystal. “Captain, we're down another one. Orders?” The Andorian's antennae twitched in what looked like irritation. Her First Officer may still be blaming Lorita for the blowout after the long battle with Orion pirates. T'Shani quietly admitted that the Human engineer was a bit too trigger-happy regarding their engines.

T'Shani set the stylus down and rose from her seat, falling into her efficient Captain mode. “Continue course to Sol System for repairs. We'll drop impulse power to fifty percent this time. It would be more logical to move slower than risk another blackout.”

“Affirmative, Captain,” Shelana nodded and paused, halfway out the door, her eyes moving toward the old stylus on the desk. “Uh...were you, twirling that stylus?” T'Shani felt heat rise up in her cheeks, but she wasn't blushing. Vulcans do not blush. And they do not lie either.


“May I ask why?”

Raising an eyebrow, she slowly rolled her shoulders back in a shrug, giving Shelana her best answer. “It is what it is.”