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Originally Posted by Rock_Monster View Post
Yes, in desperate situations (Battle to retake DS9) and when they had nothing else (Runabouts). Voyager also popped Tom Paris in a shuttle a few times in emergencies but of course he had plot immunity and his little shuttle wasn't in danger.

Fighers are needed to protect a vulnerable mothership or attack a target while the mothership/base remains out of harms way. However, starships can protect themselves and offer much greater firepower and utility than a fighter, thus fighters are irrelevant in Star Trek and are essentially flying coffins.
Right and this isnt a desperate situation, war against the Klingons the Romulans the Dominion the mirror universe the Borg the hirogen and last but not least the iconians. humm seems like a desperate time to me i would use everything i could to stay alive never mind win.
also my ship is pretty large and i quite like being able to deploy fighters to harry the enemy and take a bit of fire off of me so that i can come around and bring down my full weapons might on the enemy.

Originally Posted by Skippy2k View Post
While I agree that generally in Trek our ships wouldn't generally launch a fleet of the game we can launch scorpion fighers so peregrines would at least make more sense.

exactly what i was saying it feels odd being able to use scorpion fighters i just want to be able to launch fed fighters