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05-20-2011, 03:39 AM
I thing the way fighters are in the game right now is all right.
I mean the Scorpion fighter device spawns 3 fighters. Thats doesnt make it Star Wars. The Klingon carrier is a "special ship". If there would be 50% carriers I'd start to worry, but with one ship (ok 2)... that doesnt make it Star wars eighter.

Also, the device-fighters are not very strong (I wouldnt want it any other way). They are a nice gimik but not gameplay changing in any way. So yes, the way they are in the game now is, in my opinon, all right. More would be a bad thing.

But in the way they ARE here I'd like to see more of them. I mentionet before that I'd love to see the new fighters as devices. But also other things, like shutles. All with shared CDs, so no super-spam for "usual ships" (means: ships that are no carriers), but why not deploying one -slightly stronger- Runabout or Delta-flyer instead of 3 fighters (may be with a special ability like.... dont know.. fire at will as plasma-torpedo-killer)? Or 2 Shutles instead of 3 fighters? A little variation here. That wouldnt add more fighter-spam, this IS already there with the scorpions. It would just change it to be more canon then all fed ships and KDF ships deploying Reman fighters and it would have more variation.