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Hey there, I'm looking for a mild/low/med RP fleet where I can help out. I like to run missions and do fleet actions currently. I really want to RP flying support a bit. You know, playing the support captain.

A little about the player:
* I'm not a hardcore anything, but I like to play well, learn to play better, and take advice.
* I've been roleplaying for many years
* I've found that matters of the heart/crotch are entirely unappealing from an RP standpoint.
* I've been an MMO player starting with Anarchy Online beta 2 and have played most high end MMOs since.
* I normally lead guilds/fleets/corps/orgs/whatever, but I do not have the time to do that, I'm taking my time back in STO as purely recreational.
* I 'm very close to being finished leveling and would like to see end game if there is one.

What I'm looking for in a fleet:
* Friendly atmosphere
* No ERP/RRP (at least in guild chat)
* My character runs his crew with a strict military structure. I don't require that the fleet does, but would perfer to be treated as either "The good little soldier" or your "on call general".

Don't really know what else to say. I'm a father of two so I have plenty of patience... Ya, I'm just going to stop typing now and it's becoming less and less poinent