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# 44 “Patience” Part 2
05-20-2011, 10:44 AM
“Patience” Part 2
By Thermalscorpion

After ten years in the monastery, Selir announced her decision to apply for Starfleet Academy. Though Master Talvak understood Selir's desire to move on, her mother did not. Shortly after her announcement, Selir's mother arrived on Vulcan in an attempt to dissuade her from leaving. The argument that resulted was a battle of logic that seemed to stun Selir's mother. For once, Selir was calm and measured in her response as opposed to belligerent and hostile. In the end, her mother relented, acknowledging that her daughter had matured to an acceptable level. Then, Selir presented her mother with the wooden figurine that was as pristine as it had been the day it had been made and exited the room.

It would be years before Selir would see the figurine again. This time, it was at her wedding. Selir seemed to have a talent for disappointing her mother, and her choice of husband was no different.

Tellost Ker was a Joined Trill and a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet. He and Selir had met on Risa five years prior and their brief but intense relationship had left them both wanting more. However, duty had called both of them away. Later, they had encountered one another on Deep Space Nine shortly before the Dominion War. They were both moving to their new posts on the Akira class cruiser, Helios. It hadn't taken long for each of them to realize that they wanted to make a commitment to one another.

Tellost was charming and funny and brought out those traits in the normally reserved Selir. As charming as Tellost was, he could also be infuriating. The Trill engineer had a penchant for speaking his mind when tact was better served and, in private, he would challenge Selir's patience by injecting chaos into her ordered life. Still, Selir felt more whole with his presence in her life than without.

Their relationship had also caused some contention in Starfleet as Selir was the first officer of the U.S.S. Helios and Tellost was to be its Chief Engineer. There was a worry about conflict of interest and the first officer being unwilling to sacrifice their loved one if it were necessary. Starfleet's regulations concerning officer's being allowed to honor their cultural traditions saved the couple's relationship. The Kelsaati routinely crewed their ships with mates, siblings, and parents, so the decision was made to allow Selir and Tellost to remain at their posts for a probationary period. Selir, in true Vulcan fashion, managed to keep her detachment and Starfleet made the arrangement permanent. A year later, the couple was married on Deep Space Nine.

At the end of the reception, Selir's mother presented her with the figurine once more. It seemed to be their strongest bond. There were few words exchanged concerning the small wooden Sehlat.

“You will need this.” Her mother said simply.

The sound of the ready room's door chime pulled Selir back to the here and now and she looked up from the figurine. "Enter."

Lieutenant Connors walked in and stood before Selir's desk. "Admiral, all of the requested preparations have been completed. I also made sure to add a few food items for all of the participants. Was there anything else?"

Selir shook her head and looked up at the wiry human man. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Take some time for yourself. We'll be in the thick of it soon enough."

Connors smiled warmly. "You should do the same, Admiral. The Pashtir ambassador seems set on causing you as much frustration as possible."

A reserved smile formed on Selir's lips. She picked up the Sehlat figurine and set it to the side of her desk. "I have three husbands, four wives, and eleven children. I believe I am ready for the Ambassador's tactics."

The young lieutenant chuckled. "It's hard to imagine the negotiations that must take place in your family, Admiral."

"Oh, I can give you quite a bit of detail if you'd like, but it may make you hesitant to get married," Selir said. Her eyes filled with mischief as she shifted from business-like Vulcan to playful Kelsaati.

The Lieutenant laughed quietly. "With all due respect, I think I'll leave the details to my imagination." He motioned to the wooden Sehlat on Selir's desk. "I've been meaning to ask, is that present from one of your children?"

Selir looked down at the figurine again, her fingers tracing the spine of it. "It's my patience."