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05-20-2011, 10:45 AM
Heya Mackinley, I'm @Cabrien. My main is Ryecroft@Cabrien, Captain Dean Ryecroft of the U.S.S. Winters - Pax Infinitus fleet, Deputy Director of Pax Infinitus Intelligence

Pax Infinitus is a black ops fleet in story. We have a big focus on atmosphere, but if I had to classify us right now, I'd label us a "light RP" fleet. We usually have an RP event every other week and a casual RP meetup at ESD or DS9 weekly. Once a month we do our bigger social event and it usually has a theme (Shore Leave on Risa, Casino Royale Party at DS9, Defera Spring Fling). Our next upcoming event is a traditional Hawaiian Luau... but on Risa.

We often have stories for these social events (usually they're covers for information drops and things of the sort). If you want more mission-oriented RP, we have our PII division, which has bi-weekly meetings. We have regular STFs, PvP, and a variety of other fleet events. Our big thing is that we cater to multiple playstyles.

Pax Infinitus is a part of the Pax Gaming Nexus ( Our forums are located on the Nexus with all of the other divisions. If you're interested please contact me (@Cabrien) or the flag officer of our Senior Black Ops (recruitment) division @xavierprotocols. Our names are the same on the Pax forums.

Take care!