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Commander Lilleth James


“Alpha shift has begun”

Lilleth sat up in her ready room as she heard the familiar sound of the computer announcing the beginning of a new day. She tapped her console to life, preparing for the onslaught of reports and requests she knew she was about to receive.

--Door Chime--

She let a small sigh out, knowing exactly who it would be.

“Come in”

“Ah Captain, there you are” the shorter, lithe betazoid woman called as she entered. “You didn't show up for your appointment this morning” she continued, a slight scowl gracing her flawless features. Oh how Lilleth hated those looks.

“I know, I'm sorry Bekah. Quinny's had me filling out these idiotic reports and... I lost track of time” she lied. One of the benefits of being a Joined Trill is that your poker face is impeccable. Unfortunately, due to her sleep deprived state she forgot who she was trying to fool.

“Really” Rebecca replied skeptically, pulling off her best vulcan eyebrow look.

Lilleth wasn't about to give in though. “What do you want Doctor?”

Rebecca was a bit taken aback by this sudden change in attitude and paused for a few moments. Lilleth took this as her cue to return her attention to her console, effectively dismissing the confused doctor.

As the doors slid shut, Lilleth leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes and traced the outline of her new implant. Images flooded her mind, some pleasant, others, not so much.
She knew Rebecca was only trying to help. They all were, but that's not what she needed right now.


“Delta Shift has Begun” announced the computer.

Lilleth hadn't realised what time it was. 'I must have fallen asleep this morning' she thought to herself.
Cursing, she stood, stretched and then padded to the door. Emerging onto the bridge, her bridge, she watched the various procedures and conversations that accompanied the changing of the watch.

“Commander” a soft male voice spoke from behind her.

Turning, she found the monstrous looking owner of the voice towering over her.

“Yes Karatek” She asked of her Reman science officer.

“I have been sensing unease from the both of you all day” He replied, his eyes penetrating her own. For a moment she thought she could see real concern in his usually fierce features.

She knew Karatek was a skilled telepath, potentially surpassing Bekah's skills, but how could she tell her crew what was going on? Or did he already know?

He pulled her aside, back into the alcove that lead to her ready room.

“Lilleth,” he intoned in a calm soothing voice, belying his fierce looks. “I can feel you're pain. I spoke to Dr Sillars earlier. You know you need help.”

She knew what he was saying was true but she would be damned if he thought she wouldn't resist.

Squaring her jaw and steeling her eyes, she stared him down “Stand aside Lieutenant”.

Before he could react, she brushed passed him and walked straight for the Turbolift.

“Deck 2 Section 1” she called as the doors closed behind her. She could feel the dull thud behind her eyes, a tell tale sign of a migraine starting.

The lift slid to a stop. The doors opened.

“Resistance Is Futile”

A scream pierced the dark assimilation chamber. The scream of a mother trying to protect her child. But there was no mother, there was no child. Only the bloodied form of a Trill, strapped to a table, a symbiont half outside of her body, with borg surrounding their forms. The young woman was desperately trying to fight her way out of her shackles, but it was no use. A device was moving slowly towards her head from above, countless sharp, pointed needles and laser emitters protruding from it.


“Captain are you alright!”

Lilleth looked up and suddenly found the usually stoic Liberated Borg's features a picture of concern.

“Three?” She questioned.

“Yes Captain. We should take you to sickbay, you appear most unwell” Three of Four responded, helping Lilleth stand.

“No” she replied with as much force as she could muster.

“But Captain..”

“No Three, help me to my quarters” Lilleth interjected before she could protest again.

To her credit, Three began to aid the Trill, past the small crowd of concerned crew members, to her quarters.

As they entered the slightly chilled room, Three helped set Lilleth down on a lounge chair.

“Would you like me to call Commander Smith or Doctor Sillars?” Three asked.

“No. Thank you Three,” Lilleth replied quietly, absently touching the implant above her eye.

Three nodded and turned to walk back out of the door. Just before she crossed the threshold, the former borg turned her head and said, barely in a whisper “Treasure your memories, treasure your possessions, treasure your new gift. We're here for you captain.”

The door closed behind her.

Was it really a gift?