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05-20-2011, 11:20 AM
Hey there,

I think we (the TOS Veterans Fleet--website and blog links below) might have some of what you're looking for.

Primarily, we're a group of friendly, slightly older (30+) players with families and responsbilities. But we're also increasingly active. We've got regular events (mostly replaying the featured episodes lately) on Tuesday and Thursday nights (and other weeknights on an impromptu basis). We'll also be starting to run the Borg STF's in mid-June.

We're not into heavy role play, but most of us are actively working on character backgrounds and the fleet backstory as a whole (which involves looking back to TOS), though we've also started a Klingon sibling fleet). I know a number of us are interested in RP more generally.

I know some folks have been playing MMOs for a long time and some of us (like me) are pretty new to the idea. And while the fleet as a whole isn't really very military in structure, we do have a number of ex-military members (including the fellow who is organizing our events and will be leading the STFs).

You can check out more about us at and at

You can also PM me or KATRA@James_Bailey. Good luck!