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05-20-2011, 05:29 PM
In another thread(s) and in my nind there is the idea of tying already aux depndent (for effect) science skills to auxillary power USAGE like weapons.

eng skills
aux to sif -
Using the full power of the aux system to reinforce the hull (or another ships hull) should take an instant power drain relative to hull healed and current aux power level (higher level=more drain (more effect=more drain)

sci skills
charged particle burst-
overloading the sensors astrometrics system to drain upwards of 6000 shield per facing of all ships in range of 5km should instant drain the aux power proportional to the amount of shields dropped.

Let me explain, with a simple analogy between a tactical weapons user and a sci skill spammer to reveal how the discrepancy invalidates certain options for one path creating a dewfinitive imbalance....

A tactical captain specializing in beam wepaons AND cannons will be at an inherent disadvantage in terms specifically of his capacity for maximal damage in either system at one specific time. The loss of cannon dps means someone running beam overload will half (or more with the double tap method) their corresponding cannon dps.

A science captain or engineer or any tank or science heavy ship can utilize all 3 science systems and also engineering abilities that are dependant on aux SIMULATENEOUSLY TO MAXIMAL EFFECT WITH OVERLAP with no consequences.

So the person doesnt have to pick one or the other liek the beam/cannon dilemna.

This is just another way that the dps/burst class/types are at a disavantage to Science heavy/tanks.

There is no energy penalty for doubling aux dependant skills like there is for weapons energy dependant ones.


it can be remedied by making aux dependant skills drain a relevant aux power amount. just like weapons do.

DO IT NOW!!!!!