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05-20-2011, 05:35 PM
You make a good point Emo.

As the engine works now... if I want to fire a Beam Overload off... I either have to install at least one eps and wait a few seconds after a cannon burst to get max effect. Or use a battary or Emergency power skill.

It is true that a sci ship can fire a tachyon3... and a CPB 3 all with in 1/2 a second and have not loss in either system... If needed they can even knock out a TSS 2 or 3... a Hazard. All using aux... none of them being effected in any way by what should be a sever drain on the aux power system.

A heal Cruiser can Fire off a Hazard to a friend and pop off a Aux to Sif 3 on them self with in 1/2 a second with no issues. They can pop that battary to max the effect on both and in those 10 seconds... fire off their TSS as well to get max effect from all 3 skills.