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05-20-2011, 06:40 PM
ill wait as long as it takes for a logical system to be brought forth. i believe that people will see the light, as you two agree. it will make more relevant power systems, complicating and therefore makign bettwer and morei nteresting gameplay and pvp specifically. Certain styles will become less useful as they may have been prone to auxillary system overuse.

It would make more relevant the recently added energy syphon effects on borg tractor/etc. It might make polaron proc and defiitely target subsystems auc more useful by default.

Frankly its hight time someone blew a full power scramble off after being target auxed, then they realized they were at 0, and they couldnt heal.

Kind of like when im target wpns and my bo drops power to 0 and i cant fire the torp. balance baby, bring it