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05-21-2011, 04:11 AM
All the outlines I've created for the Foundry missions I'd like to make are all from stories I've already written from years prior.

First thing I do is take the story and see if I can drop it directly into STO as it is now with it's current state of affairs. This is important (at least for me) to know that the story you're telling can either stand on it's own, or play off of events that have taken place in the game.

What takes place next is a transformation of this new story into a relevant game experience for the player. It's not interesting for the player to read about how some other character did something somewhere, so I ensure that the player can accomplish the events so that they are at the center of the story. If the player feels they're not making the story progress, they typically will drop it.

Then the elements I need, such as NPC's and maps, are written down for reference for when I venture into the Foundry.