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05-21-2011, 06:27 AM
Originally Posted by BigRedJedi
Hopefully, this can help all players to understand some of the mechanics of these powers, and if there are questions, this is an ideal place to ask those questions, and the Forum Warriors can help to answer them.

Hope that everyone can find some use out of this,
-Big Red
I think one thing that is missing - and it might be missing for a lot of "guides" in the game:
A guide about the role and purpose of powers, not how they work, but how you use them. A guide telling you when or why a power is useful.

For example, you list the Emergency Powers skills in one single section.

But fact of the matter is - the 4 serve very different roles and purposes, and cannot be treated equally, even if most of the key stats are the same.

Maybe the most prominent example:
Emergency Power to Shields is the "go-to" power for _every_ ship class to gain shield resistance and healing. It is highly advisable to equip at least one if not two of them (even if that occupies all your Engineering slots), as it can provide you with constant shield damage reduction. This buff alone can help you tank most enemies in PvE, and is basically a pre-requisite to survive in PvP.

More examples:
Reverse Shield Polarity is an interesting power as it provides you what is almost damage immunity for a short time coupled with a strong heal. But it's long recharge time makes it unsuitable as a primary defense - but it can be very useful as a reserve power used in emergency situations - it allows you to roll back the fight, basically, and give you a second chance. But the opportunity cost it presents are big - it is usually better to pick other, more often usable engineering powers before.

Not an Engineering example:
Beam Overload is a skill to provide you with spike damage, e.g. a lot of damage in a short time. If you intend to use it, you should make sure your enemy is not running any significant buff (including speed buffs) and ideally also strongly debuffed to get the most out of it.

This are the types of considerations I mention in my Space Combat Training and Exercise Foundry mission, but I am not sure it's well played there - it requires playing the mission and reading a wall of dialogs if you want to know it all.