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05-21-2011, 07:04 AM
Originally Posted by N_Danger
Bah! Peace with the Federation! No I say!

Why should we fall for what is another attempt by the Undine infiltrated Federation to weaken the Klingon Empire?

Better to die fighting face to face with ones enemy than listen to honeyed words and then be stabbed in the back....again.

For we were once allied with the Federation and they did nothing to help Klingon Empire when it came time to cleanse the Gorn worlds of the Undine.

And so I say "never" to peace with the Federation .
About that undine infiltration: Ever checked your own chancellor?
By the way even DURAS has hinted that peace with the federation is the better choice. Teh Gorn are btw not the federations concern. The Empire knew that the Federation condamns conquest, and it was nothing else. Conquest under the guise of finding Undines...