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Originally Posted by opzulu View Post
I really think removing the joined trill would be the best solution, it isnt really canon that I can tell, and giving it the same trait as the joined trill, with a new name totally fits with the augments. I really think Cryptic should do this, Im amazed they didnt think of it!
The idea is that Curzon Dax was a well respected Trill ambassador among Klingon circles. He lived like a Klingon and earned their respect. Jadzia Dax was also respected by the Klingons because she is "the heir" of Curzon. Both were considered Klingons despite not being born Klingon. Joined Trill as part of the KDF are suppose to be part of this tradition (Symbionts that have earned the respect of the Empire).

Check the DS9 episode "Blood Oath".