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Taking Command " A Changing of Guard"

Ayesu "Senshi" Togowara. Reporting fresh from Medical Advanced Command Training.
Looking up from the Desk Admiral Quinn's Chief of Personal MAnagement Commander Sulu Thumbed through the PADD and cross referenced with
the Casualty Replacement request of Area Task Force and Theater Commanders.

At Ease Frocked Captain. I see you know a Few Vulcans and some Romulan.
SO I am sending you to support Special Unit in the Sierra System of the Alpha Centauri Block. Report to Admiral Zelle and as a courtesy report to ADM T'nae. Hum. You may sit. We see your crew of 100 includes two tactical Andorians.. How are they around Vulcans.. no need to answer its a rhetorical question. I dont see many request for ship Doctors or Field Researchers in Ancient Mars colonial history. What we dont need is Picards .. Can You be a Kirk? Dont answer that. How is your range score?

Hum Before I attach you from the USS Greece whom are you giving that Nova Class to.. I see you were advancing the Trill or Vulcan.. Why? I think you will need your most experienced staff to remain with you unless there is something your not telling me Mister? Well anyway I see when the Shipyard has finished a Dakota Class Cruiser You were requesting Tactical retraining and a Cruiser then when you changed your mind the Grasshopper Science Vessel was given to another commander..Your Last Battle Group Commander never listed wavering and put you near the top of all their private Promotion tracks. in the Regulated Sector. Section 31 has interesting things to say and if you MAke Flag Rank you'll get the access codes to read them. .Quinn just Told Me I was Making Captain and was Getting some Sexy new Ship.. Can you show up on ESD and take assignment Orders from Commander Wittners or LCDR DeSoto?
So The Ambassador likes you and you Clan never occupied either of our Lands in the old world.
So you go from a Ship of 50 to 100 then jump into a Cruiser of 400 and now are tracking for a Corcoran.. of 200. How are you at dealing with Re Staffing as a Higher rank sent out farther from support? How do you get along with Colonial Klingon Members of the federation UFP fleet? You can talk..Ok Im assigning a new Science and Engineer N'Darun and Kuhlaht.. Adm. Quinn wants to see you then the Stateroom formalities of Promotion.. Get the New Pips on that uniform before i see you next time and say "Hello" to Lt Laurel for me.
A new Area a new Corcoran Intrepid class variant. A Serious Rank. Mars Yards..Home.
Two new Klingon Officers, Pulling their Academy records from Captain Frocked Sulu. Finally out ranking those Rear echelons that played the paper game to get back out into the field.
Touching his Comm badge.. Senshi Signaled Greece his old ship that transported him instead of the Heavy Cruiser Shinkoku that had to remain on watch for Gorn incursions on the Psi Canis frontier. Commander Sezori pack your bags and have Transport Command reach Toni Chatzia and Corspa..Captain Sulu is Changing office and felt generous. .and let Slip they have a New Corcoran for us. EXEC a word of caution we are being sent two fine young Female Klingons.
Im jumping the hoops w Chief Operations meet me at the Tailors the Promotions PIPS are on me. Yes that means your getting a bump too. Senshi Out.
Grabbing the Shuttle to the yards new uniforms and PIPs Senshi had the Dedication and Ships Name Plaque and design pattern Virgo all set with ESD .. The 4th officer Kept the Cruiser on station pending command and the LCDR Senshi recommended was kept on the Greece. The Shuttle approach and docked at MArs Transit Officers Billets and rooms were assigned and retraining with Yards on systems upgrades dropped into place .. The Two Klingon officers arrived ahead of time and were a treat to meet both stepped into the ship tour with glee. Looking at Department and Bridge Chairs.. Like he once did. Time for advise Senshi looked at the Ship deployment board and Signaled "Aquila"
Cousin can you speak are we on a secure channel?
Aquilla- Yes Of Course I am half Vulcan after all. The Sela Arch is a fine Galaxy update and DS9 is a fine post. What about you.
Senshi- Romulan Space.. and a Cochrane with the latest updates to long rang.
Aquilla- Things heated up in the provinces since Sales Ascension Bring your new Ship to the Risa orbit in two weeks i have to sortie now.. cant tell you where but Ive been Promoted to Commodore! Im getting a New Sovey!
Senshi- Dont let that Romulan blood come out too far.. or INTEL may mettle.
Of course cousin . Rotate to Alt Command Codes for next Message.. <Aquilla, Out>

Department Heads Meeting Prior to taking the shuttle to dock with the new ship..
Commander Sezori. Set the goals to improve a Science Capabilities
LCDR Toni Set the standards for Engineering with a priority on survival and speed.
LCDR Corps Were back to a smaller ship So go easy on the boarding parties rituals until we whip things into shape.
I expect more from our new Lieutenants we brought with us and the new kids. We will be first on and walk through the ship wit the Yard Transition crew and Set the Plaque on the Bridge after a Christening in the hanger bay. Lt Chatzia take the two new ensigns with you to coordinate all guest staff parties. We Have a new Ship and her name is ARGO! Lets endeavour to keep her of the sirens rocks ..Shall we.

the Ships Standard duty uniform will be SF2.. Informal Dress will Be Wooly Pully .. I will Wear. Away Team Black OPS SCI. Take all Comm badges and run the SEC 31 nanite scans then seal them and re Issue Variant Comm Badges. After we leave the yards we report to our TAsk Force after screening with Theater Command at SB 39. After That we will operate under local command authority Special Unit.. Priorities will be Undine investigations. An Approved Report form will be loaded into your stations and pass through my Captains system. Ships Computer is set to filter all off ship COMM.
WELCOME to SEAL TEAM Senshi. Now See to you divison staffign Reports Dismissed.