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# 49 The Right Captain
05-21-2011, 06:54 PM
Come again, Bob thought to himself as Admiral Quinn handed him the PADD making him the new captain of the USS Huntsville. Bob looked down and it was true:
Ensign Bob Sentell is to take control of the USS Huntsville as of this stardate with all rights and privilege there to.
“Admiral, I’m just an ensign. Why would you make me captain of a ship?” Bob interjected.

“Ensign, I have been very impressed with your service record. And we are short on experienced officers. I think you would make a fine addition.”

“Admiral, this ship has higher ranking people on it. Why make me, an outsider ensign, the captain? There has to be better people.”

“Most of the crew is to be reassigned soon. You will have an opportunity to select a new crew. As a matter of fact, who do you want to be as your first officer?” The admiral grabbed a PADD to start working up the orders.

Bob thought for a moment and answered quite confidently, “Ensign Tala, the Andorian I served with on the Von Braun.” Tala was a trusted friend who help Bob out of a jam on Drozana. It's easy to start a fight with a Klingon; it's harder to end it. Fortunately, Tala prevented one of the Klingons from stabbing Bob in the back. After that, Bob and she became close friends.

“Done,” Admiral Quinn handed Bob the PADD. “You can pick her up after your first assignment. Beam to your ship; here are your orders.” The Admiral slipped Bob yet another PADD. Bob took a quick glance at it and decided he’ll look through it later once he is aboard his ship. His ship; still doesn’t sound right.

Bob walked to the turbolift to head up to the main deck. Once inside he gave his command to the computer and the turbolift shutters as it starts its move. This station is messed up. I like the old design better.

Upon arriving on the main deck, Bob walked to a corner and taps on his com badge, “USS Huntsville, this is the…” his voice hung for a moment, “captain. One to beam aboard.”

“Aye, sir,” the voice on the other end of the communicator responded. “Energizing.” And just as Bob started to feel the tingle of the transporter beam he thought to himself, what am I getting myself into? But the thought was lost as the atoms in his brain were torn apart.


As Bob materialized on the transporter pad, he was met by a young lieutenant. She couldn’t have been that much older than he if at all and she had the look of fear in her eyes. Her cheeks were red from constantly being wet, but at the moment she was able to compose herself. Her voice slightly cracked as she greeted him, “welcome aboard the Huntsville, Captain.”

“Status report.”

“We are currently taking on supplies and replacement weapons. We are finishing up three months of repairs and will be ready to leave space dock in 12 hours.”

Bob’s interest was piqued, “why was the ship in for repairs for three months?”

The lieutenant almost started sobbing, but was able to catch herself. “We were lucky to make it back to Earth. We were on patrol in the Mempa Sector when a Klingon squadron decloaked and attacked us. We didn’t even have time to get our shields up when the first volley hit. They had targeted the bridge and the entire senior staff was killed. We were drifting in space when the chief engineer was able to transfer control of the ship to engineering and we were able to survive long enough to meet up with reinforcements.

“Over 70% of the crew was lost. The chief engineer and I were the only officers to survive and he was transferred to another ship that also took heavy losses. We were surprised when Starfleet decided to repair this ship rather than scrap it. I have lost a lot of friends here, Captain. I… I can’t stay here anymore.” Her eyes were watery and she started to sob.

Bob reached out and put his hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. With a gentle, yet confident voice he said, “I understand. And you will be able to leave after our next assignment if you wish. But until then, I will need everything you can give.”

She nodded her head and said, “Aye sir. I will do my best.”

“I know you will,” Bob said reassuredly. “What is the status of the crew?”

“We were informed of your arrival and so the crew is gathered in cargo bay one to for you to address them. We are understaffed with many departments having no people at all. You and I are the only officers, the rest of the crew are enlisted.”

Bob took in this information and a moment later responded, “very well. Lead me to the cargo bay.” And it was at the moment Bob understood why Admiral Quinn had selected him to be captain of this ship. This was not a Galaxy-class ship. No, this USS Huntsville was a Miranda-class ship with a skeleton crew that was in need of new life. The old crew had been left without a leader and Admiral Quinn saw that only Bob had the ability to lead.

As Bob turned the corner to enter the cargo bay the door slid open in his presence. As he looked at his crew he had the confidence he needed to lead them. He saw the fear in their eyes and made sure they saw they faith in his. He believed in his crew even though he had never met them; because they more he believed in them, the more they would believe in him.