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# 50 Plant in Charge
05-21-2011, 10:23 PM
Title: Plant in Charge
Aboard the U.S.S. Bazalope-D, Defiant-refit.

“So what do we have here, Ulmek?” Captain Talar Bazran asked as he approached Nirol, his most senior science officer who has also a Reman . A blue plant stood in front of him as Ulmek was in the process of examining it. “I’m just about to a run a series of tests. I’m no Xenobotanist but I’ve got a friend and they’ll be able to us what we’re once I send all the data to them.”

“I still don’t understand why you wanted to bring it aboard. We see new plant specimens every week.”

“There is something strange about this particular plant. Its readings are unusual. As if there’s... something else to it.” He responded finishing up the final preparations for the computer to do its work.

“Computer. Perform a level 1 Xenobotanical analysis on plant sample.” He instructed the computer.

“Commencing Level 1 Xenobotanical analysis. Task expected to be completed in 5 minutes.” The computer responded.

“Alright, well let me know if you find anything interesting.” There was still plenty that Bazran had to do as a captain and not the least of which personnel reports that were starting to pile up. As he turned to leave suddenly the plant seemed to start giving off electrical discharges. “Computer, Cease all analysis.” Ulmek responded stoically and with authority but not before it was too late. One of the discharges hit the Captain and knocked him to the floor, unconscious.

“Sir?!” she exclaimed as she knelt down beside him. “Ulmek to Sick Bay. The Captain has been struck by some sort of energy discharge. Emergency Transport required.”

Moments later, In Sick Bay

“There is no profit in you dying, captain!” Nirol, a female ferengi and the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, buzzed about trying to work out what happened. “His neural synapses are being repressed. It should be fixed by stimulating the neurochemicals but he’s not responding.” She exclaimed frustrated at her inability to revive her commanding officer. “There’s got to be something else happening, what am I missing?” she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, somewhere that has no real location

The deep inky black, it felt like he was swimming in a never ending pool one where breath and time did not matter. There was a ball of something light, perhaps some kind of energy. He could feel it as if it were draining the very energy out of his body.

He futilely tried swinging his fists but it didn’t seem to work at all. He was too far away. “Who are you, and what are you doing?”

There was a moment’s silence before it spoke. “An interesting language you have, Captain Talar of Bajor. So many words so much meaning, so varied and full of life.” It spoke in fluent Bajoran dancing switching between it and the Federation Standard. “Not only language, but your bodies they are so mobile. So... unstable and yet that is exactly how they are meant to be. You are very interesting indeed. I will have fun in my body.” The voice was almost melodic but lacked any real tone. It was as if he was talking to an emotionless thing.

“What do you mean; new body?”

“Never the less despite your advantages you aren’t used to your own psychic landscape. And a dark place it is.”

“Answer my question.”

“Your old body. I’m syphoning off your neural energies and will replace them with mine. Therefore your body will become mine. Don’t worry. I’m not killing in return for your body you shall get mine.”

“Who are you, what body?”

“You don’t have a name for me. To you I am just a plant something to be examined to be studied. Now you’ll get to have the greatest chance to study my body as it becomes yours.”

“This is my body, my earring, my Pagh... You are not taking any of them away from me.”

“Oh, you are a fighter. A man with a strong will. Yes, I can see that. And I see your past the decisions you’ve made. Haunted by some memories but proud of others. I knew it would be difficult and I enjoy a challenge and I am getting so much enjoyment out of this. Pity it’s only a matter of time the longer we fight the stronger I become.”

“Yeah, well I’m used to fighting as the underdog.” Somehow as the words were spoken Talar Bazran changed in form to look exactly the same as this intruding consciousness, however with a slight red tinge.

The balls of energy collided together and they seemed to join the red tinge faded and then so did the whole scene.

Back, in the Sick Bay

“Neural indicators returning to Normal. Captain are you alright?”

The words could be heard but nothing seen though the eyes opened slowly to reveal Nirol. Her short form looming over him on the sick bed.

“Nirol, yes. I’m fine what happened?” he said weakly barely putting much energy behind it.

“It looks like you got struck with an energy discharge the discharge created a psychic link between you and the plant Ulmek was studying. We were able to find it and break it. Are you sure you’re alright. Yes, just a bit groggy it was a bit of an ordeal.”

“Yes, I could tell. I knew you were fighting it because there psychic link was fluctuating it was the fluctuation that allowed us to find it in the first place.”

“Good, don’t mind me. I’ll just pass out a bit.” He said as he sighed and closed his eyes to rest.

“That’s to be expected after all the mental exertion that you did. Also a good excuse to deal with the reports any other time, yes?”

“You read my mind.”

“It does not take a Ferengi’s business sense to know that there is, on occasion, profit in rest. I’ll leave to re-cuperate. Sleep well Captain.”