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05-22-2011, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
Such a horrible idea, where to begin?

Okay, lets start with your sig. What science powers let you simultaneously kill three people in one hit? .


when i use an aux battery and cast emergency power to weapons... my aux stays at max as i chain fire a 6k drain cpb3, 4 second psw stun, and maximum hold strength tractor.

i fire one beam overload and my weapons power is down, the second takes it to <50. i fire the tric to finish

and then i still have maximum aux power for cloak efficacy on the outbound.

i would take a nerf, to suggest a biased personal appraoch to this thread is horrible.

i can use my aux power to full after overloading my system and doing several offensive moves, aux to sif, hazards... etc.

this is imbalance. please take the time to fully comprhend the situation.. thanks