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05-22-2011, 10:33 AM
Arachnidus didn't even need to recall what happened after that awkward and rushed speech. He, as the new Captain, managed by the skin of his teeth to get the ship repaired, promoted three junior bridge officers to senior positions, amongst them his best friend and future girlfriend, and, in the end, they took out the Dominion ship. The Luna spent the better part of two months limping home to dry dock, where Arachnidus and his crew all received promotions, trauma counseling and snazzy medals, in addition to some much needed R&R after the funeral for the deceased Captain Thule and the other seventeen crewmembers lost that day, to which the Captain personally attended each and every one. Now, here, three years later, the Arachnidus was preparing to leave it all behind. The ghosts of lost comrades, the faint echoes of the battle that led to his command, and the joyous years of exploration in celebration of his fallen friends. It was time to make new ones. That last sentiment was punctuated by a perfectly timed message from the bridge- by his first officer and best friend, no less.

"Captain, we're approaching the Federation border. We'll be clear to hit the transwarp conduit in about ten minutes."

"Thank you, Mark. I'll be up there in a second." As he stood from his bed and walked to the door, the captain looked back at his quarters. His commemorative plaque from his promotion; a copy of the ship's commisioning plaque; his High School diploma, Master's Degree and Starfleet diploma; a large holopicture of the him and the ship's former command crew, the former captain and tactical officer included.

"Computer, lights."

Sorry for the double post, I went over the 11000 character count limit.