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05-22-2011, 12:37 PM
Vice Admiral Nicholas Alben
USS Callisto NCC-93185-F
Elysium Class (Emissary Variant) - Star Cruiser

On my ship my crew still calls me Captain, even though I am an Admiral now. I prefer it that way. They've always called me Captain, as I've always had a problem being called sir, right from the very moment I took command of the USS Avenger when, well...I think you know what happened at Vega colony, so no sense rehashing painful memories...

Oh, right, the reason I'm here. What is my most prized possession? Well, that's a bit trickier than I thought when I first heard about this. See, my ship is my home, has been for a long while now. But the ship is irrelevant without her crew. To that end, I am lucky enough to serve with my two best friends in the world. First, Jennifer Lovell, my XO. Second, Chris Robison, my Chief Tactical Officer. We all attended the Academy together and to this day I'm not sure how we crossed paths as I tracked Engineering, Jenn Science, and Chris Tactical. When I took over permanently as CO of the Avenger, I moved hell and high water to get them on my crew.

It's no secret that serving in the frontier can be a bit, well, lonesome. We did a several month stent in the Delta Volanis cluster that was well...boring seems a bit of an understatement. Never even saw so much as a enemy standoff. Just cataloging spatial anomalies. So the crew was getting a bit stir crazy. I relaxed the rules and decorum a bit, allowing ship's personnel some more free time to pursue their own interests while we finished our mission. That brings me to my most prized possession. Chris and I always shot a few games of pool together at Stardust Bar just outside the Academy grounds. I was rubbish at it. They had an old pinball machine there; it had a space adventure theme, and only worked about half the time, but I loved it. Chris never understood why I spent so much time playing with that antiquated game. Anyway, as per our usual I showed up in the crew mess hall to shoot a game with Chris (one of the perks of being the Captain, I had a table installed on the top right level). When I arrived I saw Jenn and Chris standing there smiling next to that beautiful machine.

"It's not finished," Chris said, "needs an engineer's touch."
"Chris build the structure, I took care of the artwork," Jenn smiled with her arms crossed.

I ran my hand over the smooth surface of the pinball machine. The back glass art showed a beautiful image of the Avenger and the play field was painted like the Sirius sector. It took us another three weeks replicating parts to get that machine up and running. After the battle against the Breen, the Avenger was in sad shape. When Starfleet transfered us and decommissioned that fine ship,I made sure that that pinball machine came with us. After all the assignments I've had, that machine has stood in every mess hall of everyone. Standing a testament to a fine ship now long gone, and as a symbol of great friendship.

So if you're ever in the Gamma Orionis sector block, beam on over and have a go on my most prized possession: my pinball machine.