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05-22-2011, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by EmoeJoe


when i use an aux battery and cast emergency power to weapons... my aux stays at max as i chain fire a 6k drain cpb3, 4 second psw stun, and maximum hold strength tractor.

i fire one beam overload and my weapons power is down, the second takes it to <50. i fire the tric to finish

and then i still have maximum aux power for cloak efficacy on the outbound.

i would take a nerf, to suggest a biased personal appraoch to this thread is horrible.

i can use my aux power to full after overloading my system and doing several offensive moves, aux to sif, hazards... etc.

this is imbalance. please take the time to fully comprhend the situation.. thanks

Again, this situation is not remotely comparable to weapons and weapon drain, nor would it even be affected by aux drain. CPB is the only thing in your combo that has important scaling with aux. PSW stuns regardless of aux, and tractor beam isn't even necessary, but the scaling is pretty much irrelevant, all the same.

And again, aux power isn't killing anyone here, your weapons are. This would be why you drain your weapon power so far, and STILL kill them. You wouldn't feel any kind of nerf whatsoever with an aux drain. Try not using an aux battery and see how little difference there is. You decloak on an unprepared, unbuffed target, stun them, and throw out massive damage to get through their shields, and it is no surprise they subsequently blow up. It has much less to do with aux power than you seem to realize.

Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
some peoples limited understanind of the game mechanics are firghtening. infact high aux grants you this, in addition to readiness to fire any of several clutch skills at max efficacy..

sensor range/cloak detection:

at high aux youll find a significant boost to cloak detection ability, and sensor RANGE in general (youll see the mes sooner, the runner longer as he departs

hull repair rate: sitting at max aux is rthe exact thing to do concerning innate hull repair rate multiplier. high aux is heal mode, naturally

*high aux effects CARRIERS. carriers that would now suddenly be actually subject to a penalty would find their hangars refreshing less frequently. those carriers who healed/sci spammed would find their spam lesss effective

at any rate. i hope us learned pvpers can look reaosnably at the game and realize the true imbalances that exist.

Cloak detection is laughable. Seriously. It is wholly useless to even try if you're not in a science ship, and even if you are, the best detection only comes if you can stack sensor scan on top of it. The difference aux power makes for cloak detection is not a game changer.

Any ship that gets into detection range with high aux, yet is undetected by low aux is already in near-optimal range to decloak and attack. About the only defense a science ship has if they detect you early is to PSW you, or hit evasive, and that is IF IF IF they even see you in time.

There is no notification that tells me I've detected a cloaked ship. I have to be looking in the right direction at the time. If I'm looking in front of me and you creep up behind me, who cares if you are detected? I still don't actually know you're there. And if this is in the middle of a larger battle, forget it. It is entirely useless to sit in aux for cloak detection if there is actual fighting going on.

Aux also does not affect hull repair directly. You are not going to seriously suggest that if one of your targets you instakill had been sitting in full aux they could have survived, are you? Because that is ludicrous. They would have been better off sitting with full power to shields, or even engines if their reaction time is good enough.

What aux does do is affect crew regeneration. This indirectly affects hull repair rate because that is what crew does, yet it is well understood that effect is not significant during battle. It isn't going to protect anyone from a tricobalt. It is not worthwhile to sit in high aux for crew regeneration instead of say power to shields.

Carriers have their own issues with aux, and this thread clearly isn't aimed at carriers. There are many more ships out there than carriers that have no reason to sit at high aux full time.

Aux power's effect on cloak is also irrelevant. It makes no difference, because by the time you get that close that it would make a difference, you are ready to attack, and if you don't attack in some situations, you will overshoot your target. Distance is far more of a relevant factor in actual cloak effectiveness.

I've been complaining for a very long time about how useless aux is. There is no good reason to sit at full aux full time. Aux power doesn't provide useful benefits in itself. Aux based powers can't be spammed at all, compared to weapons. Many have hard counters that make them completely ineffective. And worse, aux doesn't really do a lot for many of the powers that you seem to have issue with.

Please read my sig, find the link to the aux power listing, and the science power thread. The powers that would be affected most by aux drain are the heals. Scramble sensors would not be affected, neither would tractor beam, nor PSW. CPB+tachyon beam, that would be affected, but shield drain builds don't need nerfed again, because weapons still do it far better.

There is no reason to do this, the effect would not be beneficial to the game, especially since examples provided would not even be affected by the change.