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# 56 Redemption and Revelation
05-22-2011, 07:40 PM
Another cacophanous roar rang out from the crowd in the Mess Hall as another blow was delivered, many of this crew was new and therefore undertrained, they hadn't quite grasped the gravity of their actions yet, but such details were irrelevant to them now. Most of them had family or friends who had been killed or maimed by the Klingons, so when one walks into their midst, there was no thought, no reason, just revenge.

Another blow struck Kri'gak's face, the Klingon was flanked by three Starfleet crewmen, one Human male, a Saurian male, and a Caitian Female, had he wanted to, he could have held them off, but the CO of this ship had just allowed him to join, he knew that harming his oficers would not put him in good stead with Vice Admiral Darksabre, he was already hated by the Klingon Empire for speaking out against the war, he did not want enemies on both sides.

"Whats the matter ridgehead? Wheres your "honour" now? My brother was killed in one of your filthy kind's raiding parties, and now you walk in here like nothing's happened?!"

The Human finished his taunting by delivering another blow to Kri'gak's chin, Kri'gak had been left in an escape pod to die or be shot in the Neutral Zone for an extended period of time, he was already weakened as it was, the blow felt like a charging targ and he lost his balance momentarily, the Female Caitian leapt upon this opprtunity and sweeped her leg out, catching the back of Kri'gak's right leg, Kri'gak felt the floor leave his feet, and moments later, he was on the ground, he soon found himself looking up at a glaring Saurian.

"You kill all these people in the name of some kind of perverted Warrior code, and because of this ridiculous idealism you've dragged this entire Quadrant into war, for that, I hate you, your race, and everything you believe in."

the Human and Saurian began raining blows on Kri'gak, all he could think to do was wait until it was done and take it like a Klingon. Until suddenly, it did stop. Kri'gak was not sure if he had endured all they could give or he had died and gone to Sto'Vo'Kor, tentatively, he opened his bruised eyes to see the Saurian being restrained by a bearded Andorian he recognised as Gyzit, the ship's Chief Engineer, the Caitian was being held by a Human he also recognised frm the Bridge crew, the Human, known as Dale, had twisted the Caitian's left arm behind her back and pushed her head forward, while hooking his right leg around her own, she was effectively paralyzed.

Kri'gak heard a loud crash behind him, he turned around and saw the Vice Admiral himself, the Vilscaran had picked up the Human by the scruff of the neck and pinned him hard against a bulkhead, it was no secret that Krovennan liked to use Vilscaran military procedures to deal with his crew, especially when they went out of line, so it was no suprise when a restraining device was given to him by a member of Security.

"If you hate Kri'gak for his Warrior culture, I'd hate to know what you think about me, you can think it over in the brig with your friends."

the restraining device was placed on the Human, both arms were placed into seperate braces, the familiar sound of holoemitters activating sounded off, and soon the two were connected behind the Human's back with a holographic plate of duranium, but to make it worse, a third holographic restraint was added, to the Human's neck.

Kri'gak knew that the Human was powerless now, there were no safeties on those holograms, if he struggled, he would choke himself long before he could do anything, soon identical restraints were placed on the other two and all three were lead away, Kri'gak wiped his face with the sleeve of his new Starfleet uniform. staining it with pink Klingon blood, he saw the familiar hnd of the vice Admiral extend down to him, he put pride behind him for a moment, took it, and was pulled up by Krovennan.

The strength of the pull reminded Kri'gak that, although Krovennan seemed almost identical to a large Human, he was just as strong as a Klingon, if not stronger. Krovennan turned to address the crew amassed in front of him, whom had fallen deathly silent.

"Is this the actions of a Starfleet Officer? How can you call yourselves peacekeepers when you not only allow this, but take pleasure in it? Were this a Vilscaran ship, I'd have every one of you sent back to the Academy until you were enough of a person to stand by what you claim to be.

I am disgusted at your actions today, when you can answer to me how you expect to be peacekeepers after this, you'll earn my respect again, until then, you can all get back to work, since eating doesn't seem to be on your minds today."

The crowd dispersed to return to their duties, they knew that dinner had just been cancelled, Kovennan surveyed the crowd, a lot of people were simply upset dinner was over, but he could see a couple with true remorse in their eyes and movements, they would be the first to admit their mistake.

Drehera, the ship's Doctor, came to the Mess hall with a small kit of medical instrukments, she set them down on the table next to kri'gak and began to look over his wounds, the visor she wore obscured her blind Betazoid eyes, but Kri'gak knew she was looking at him in ways he could not imagine, as she turned away to calibrate a hypospray and a dermal regenrator Kri'gak decided it was time to speak to the silent Vilscaran.

"Why did you do that sir? You could have easily left me to their mercy, I'd have survived and I would have known that I was able to withstand them, maybe it would have even allowed them to calm down when they had released their anger."

Krovennan had turned his back and folded his arms, staring into the dark space beyond the wndows, obviously deep in thought, he turned to face Kri'gak, his arms never moving from their folded position.

"There is no sense nor honour in a three on one fight, besides, I will not tolerate insubordination aboard this vessel of any sort, you may think this devalues your skill as a warrior, but in truth, it does nothing of the sort. A warrior, a true warrior, does not seek to prove his strength constantly by flashy displays of skill or endurance, a true warrior does not take the blow to prove how thick skulled he is, he avoids it to show how skillful he is, a true warrior is strong of mind before strong of body, a warrior does not hold onto honour like a shield and cries murder when it is slighted, he keeps his composure, even when he loses all honour.

I do not claim to be an expert on what drives the Klingon people, but in many ways, our people are both two of a kind, and at the same time, worlds apart. I do not believe that shows of strength prove your skill, the pureness of heart, sharpness of mind and the strength of will is what I look for, today three of my crew did not show that, and so they will see the error of their ways, even if they do not realise it."

Krovennan left to return to his own duties, Drehera had used the hypo partway through the speech and was now healing Kri'gak's wounds one by one with the dermal regenerator, had this been a Klingon ship, Kri'gak would have dismissed the aid through honour alone, but after hearing what Krovennan said, he resolved to merely sit and let Drehera do her work, perhaps Kri'gak would ask the Vice Admiral to explain more of what he seeks for at some point in the future, but for now, he was conent with knowing that very few problems would arise from now on after what had just happened.