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# 57 The Old Guitar
05-22-2011, 07:35 PM
This old thing? well, how I got this old Gibson guitar an interesting story, if you'd like to listen.

Okay. Here we go.

I had taken to some quiet research in Delta Volanis. I may be a Tactical division admiral but sometimes I like to get away from the majority of the fighting out there. I mean, who doesn't? Even the least distinguished of warriors out there deserve a little respite. But I digress...

We had been scanning for days aboard the U.S.S. Doral, finding anomalies, acquiring tech, physical & radiation samples from various sources. I often let Envessa have control of the bridge while I cooked up something in the gallery or help tweak the weapons & sensor arrays. That Betazoid was a natural at finding something that could never be found, even when it had no mental resonance. To our surprise, we found an uninhabited planet with nothing more than lush forests & pristine oceans. We thought about beaming down for several hours & I discussed it with my top officers. Over the discussion, we decided to hit the turf immediately.

I beamed down with my top engineer, a Klingon named Draneh, a liberated Borg Human known as 99 of 100, a Breen refugee who had renamed himself "Red" (his favourite colour) as well as an old tactical schoolmate of mine, a Vulcan named T'mona. We went through a small area of thick forest scanning, researching & taking samples of plants. That's when we got a troubling communique from the Doral...
"Klingon bird-of-prey approaching planet!" They said. "They're beaming down to your location!"

As soon as we turned around, there they were with disruptors in hand.
"Split!" I screamed. My officers & I dived behind fallen trees, rocks & other covers. T'mona managed to dodge her way through the fire & ripped into the Klingon captain with her lirpa, effectively ending his life. The other 4, one Klingon warrior, 2 Orion lieutenants & a Gorn commander continued to put up a fight. Red managed to wear down the first Orion's shields with his Tetryon rifle & landed the killing stroke with a sniper shot. Draneh grabbed 99 of 100 & threw her at the second Orion & she managed to plant a hunting knife right into has heart, taking his life. By now, the bird-of-prey had moved on amongst the confusion & selfishly deserted their remaining commander. The other warrior had beamed away, the coward.

Before I knew it, the Gorn commander had lunged from his hiding spot & managed to knock me off my feet. As we tumbled though the forest, I noticed he had an old guitar in pristine condition slung on his back along with his Bat'leth. Suddenly, we had run out of ground. I landed on the ground at the very edge of the cliff on my belly. The unlucky Gorn flew straight over me & began to fall over. I managed to grab his arm & hold on for his life.

The heft of 250 pounds of lizard meat going through my arm was excruciating!
"Let me die!" He called out. "I'd rather die at the mercy of a warrior like you than live in a Federation prison!"
Then I had an idea. "I'm not going to imprison you! I swear upon my life!"
The Gorn thought to himself a moment as I used ever last bit of strength to support hold on to him. "Pull me up if you can!"
Then, using all I was worth, shouting obscenities & screaming out of pain, I dragged him up over the cliff & back to the edge of the forest.

We sat, catching our breath.
"Is... Is that a guitar?" I asked.
"This musical instrument? Is that what your species named it?" He asked back.
"Yes." I replied. "Would... Would you like me to teach you how to play it?"
"Okay." He replied. "I've... Always liked... What does your species call it.. Rock & roll."
We shared a laugh for a moment.
"My name's Galaranth" I said.
"I'm Thark, It's good to meet a fellow warrior such as yourself. I had no idea the Federation had honorable beings like you." Thark replied.
"There are more like me & you, there are lots of us who'd rather die doing what we love than in a prison."

& that's the story! Thark is now the best medic I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I never regretted the day I met him. He's a lizard of honor through compassion. He gave me that guitar as something to show he was grateful I saved his life & taught him how to play it. I bought him one of his own as a thank you for joining Starfleet.