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# 60 Ihnoc Takes Command
05-23-2011, 04:42 AM
“Challenges taking command? There's been a couple. Every crew I've had hasn't agreed with some of the aliens I have as my bridge crew; a Reman, Breen and Orion sitting at science, security and helm? I can see how that'd make humans especially uncomfortable. Fortunately after working under fire, you tend to forget your prejudices.”

“There is the story of the most recent Satusma's crew. A Nebula is somewhat a step down and at first I was given the impression the crew I'd been given was a step down as well. Every face was new. I had no rapport with these people and neither did my senior staff; Kyn, the Breen security officer, had a lot of trouble. Being Breen, his officers wouldn't accept his orders and Kyn isn't the typical sarcastic wall you expect one of his kind to be; he was cut up and lost his motivation for the post. Akabei actually did rather well by contrast, a warp field failure on our maiden voyage and 5 plasma manifold ruptures.”

“It was the same all through NX-93909-C. The crew were transferees from front line ships, some even from as far back as the Dominion War. They weren't incompetent, they just didn't want to take orders from some young upstarts. Some obviously believed, as I did, that the Satsuma had been demoted to an anomaly counter. I had no idea how to rally these people, stuck in their ways as we were, so I switched positions around. I sent engineers to sick bay, the tactical branch to the hydroponics bay and astrometrics became filled with security officers.”

“After a while, the crew were drained. A new line of work took it out on all of them and it allowed my senior officers to teach for once. In fact, the switch around created a status quo; the inverted crew seemed to be getting used to their jobs. They weren't complaining any more and the chiefs of staff had things moving but I wasn't satisfied. Each day, for eight weeks, I had one of my senior staff sabotage the ship. Omberi let out some harmless contagion in sick bay, Leila inverted the directional controls at the helm and Mei decided to meld a bunch of holodeck programs together; at least two were Vulcan Love Slave IV and Kahless Does Jazz.”

“The ship became chaos. In the end, the crew gained an immense respect for each other. They figured out I set them all up and all 750 of us got a kick out of it. We all respected each other's positions and working in a completely different environment increased their transferable skill sets. We still run Mei's program. I can't get enough of Kahless' and Surak's saxophone solos.”