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05-23-2011, 07:51 AM
Hi Sirius,
Sorry to hear you haven't found a fleet of your liking. You might want to check us out, we are a small fleet , we have been around since the beginning of STO. We are a very laid back fleet. All of us are in the US timezones, I don't know if that is a problem since you're in Australia, particularly since our main game night is Sunday night 9 pm NewYork time.

There are a few RP-ers in our fleet. Our fleet members have players on both fed and KDF, so we log on there as well. Our fleet members are all in their late 20s-30s. We all understand the responsability of kids/work/married life. We don't have minimum gametime requirements, minimum level requirements or any of those silly hoops (just an app to get to know you better)

The use of voice chat is not mandatory, we don't have problems if someone uses text chat. (on weekdays we rarely use voice chat). On sunday game nights we usually use it, but we've made it through without a hitch if one of our members has problems with their headset. I'm sure we can adapt.

You can look any of us fleet officers, @CNova, @Snappy-Of-Gorn, @azndood79, @cheath, @xStrykerx online.