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NOTE: I have attempted to include events/missions from the game and explain the speed at which my character got promoted into this story (an attempt to explain how you could get from Ensign to Vice Admiral in a matter of months).

The fist smacked into Luke’s face far harder than he was expecting, sending his head snapping back and then slumping forward again. Thoughts rushed through his head, garbled voices around him. He was starting to lose consciousness.
“I’ll ask you again Vice Admiral,” said the Orion in front of him, “the security codes for Earth’s defence systems.”
“Oh come on Ahara! You’ve somehow made General and you can’t even be more creative about your interrogation questions!”
Another blow to the back of his head sent Luke’s mind reeling off...

Smoke filled the bridge. Luke ran forward phaser in hand, but it was too late. The Captain and the entire command crew were dead. The Borg had made sure of that before the crew had retaken the ship.
“Orders sir?”
Luke turned to face the Bolian crewman who had arrived with him from the USS Khitomer.
“Sir! You’re the ranking officer on this ship! Orders!”
Luke turned to face the command chair in the centre of the bridge. It suddenly looked very big and imposing, especially for an Ensign with barely five months experience outside of the Academy.
“Ensign! Receiving multiple distress signals!”
Luke sat in the chair. The USS Apollo was his now, and he would be sure to bring her and what remained of her crew home. That was his duty and he knew that more than anything.
“Mister Albar, take us into transporter range of the USS Kelvin. Let’s see if we can help those survivors. Then, we’ll move to the Vega Colony and show the Borg we’re not out of this fight yet!”
“Yes sir!”

Luke was jarred back into consciousness by his head being roughly pulled back. He strained again at his bonds. Was that a give in the manacle around his left arm? He strained again.
“Vice Admiral, the command codes please...”
“Go to hell!”

The USS Apollo had taken its last beating a Vega. Now a Lieutenant, Luke was ordered to bring her back to ESD for a complete refit after just a few patrol missions. Admiral Quinn met him at the transporter room, a PADD in hand.
“Congratulations Lieutenant Commander. You’ve proven yourself in command, and as a result I feel it necessary to reassign you and your crew.”
“Lieutenant Commander sir?” asked Luke, his surprise on clear display.
“That is correct. Come with me I’ll give you a full briefing in my office”

Then Luke commanded the USS Helena, an Excalibur class cruiser. The whole crew from the USS Apollo was transferred and the ship ran beautifully. State of the art weapons, shields and sensors the likes of which had never been seen on the old Miranda class ship. An assignment to the front lines against the Klingons meant that the Helena soon saw combat, and she performed remarkably. And then that fateful day when she chased B’Vat to save Miral Paris and ended up back in the time of Jame T. Kirk. The Guardian of Forever helped them return once the timeline was restored, but the Department of Temporal affairs wasn’t convinced. The whole ship was impounded, and Luke and his crew were lucky to return to active duty within a matter of days. Then there was Luke’s promotion to Commander, apparently saving the entire Federation carried some weight with Starfleet Command...

“I grow tired of this Vice Admiral!”
“I’m still not talking!”
“If you won’t tell me the command codes,” General Ahara turned to a soothing, almost seductive voice that came naturally to Orion females, “then tell me what you were doing on that planet!”
“Oh of course,” Luke was laughing now, “and while I’m at it I’ll tell you the battle plans Starfleet has for this sector, the command codes for my ship, oh and what I had for breakfast!”
That earned Luke a backhand around the face that drew blood...

From Ensign to Commander in a matter of months. That was almost unheard of within Starfleet, but circumstances had helped Luke and his crew. Now the USS Concorde was engaging the Romulans over Rator along with the Federation fleet to prevent the Romulans from using sub-space weapons. The Concorde was a good ship, and Luke had finally started getting used to it after two months in command.
“Sir! The Scimitar class is coming around on the Pecos again! If they take another hit that will be in for them!”
“Helm, defensive pattern Theta Two. Move us into position over the Pecos. All weapons fire at will!”
The Concorde shot through space, phasers blazing and moved to position itself between the advancing Romulan battleship and the stricken Galaxy class.
“Incoming fire!”
“Hold position!”
The ship rocked , consoles exploded all around the bridge and smoke started pouring into the room.
“Direct impact. Forward power couplings are down!”
“Shields at 25%! We can’t take another hit like that!”
“Divert auxiliary power to....”
The whole ship shuddered. The lights flickered on and off as various alarms started blazing together.
“Report!” shouted Luke as he pulled himself back into the command chair, blood streaming from a nasty cut on his forehead.
“Lower starboard nacelle has been blown clean off sir! We’re venting drive plasma!”
“Engineering reports coolant leaks! They’re attempting to shut down!”
“Shields have failed! Weapon systems are offline!”
The ship rocked violently again. This time the lights went off for good, leaving the eerie red glow of the emergency lighting.
“Main power is offline! Engineering reports they cannot shut off the coolant leaks! Warp core breach imminent!”
“How long?”
“Five minutes sir!”
Luke knew that wasn’t long enough to evacuate the entire ship.
“Sir the Pecos is hailing! Lieutenant Commander Mitchell has taken command, and says they have transporters back online. They are preparing to beam us aboard!”
“Helm. Set auto-pilot to ram that Scimitar!”
The ship lurched forward. The Romulan battleship grew rapidly in the viewscreen, weapons blazing. Each blast caused the Concorde to lurch violently. A blue glow filled his vision, and next thing he knew Luke was standing on the bridge of the Pecos, next to his command crew, covered in blood and black dirt and watching as the Concorde hit the Scimitar at full speed. The Romulan ship noticed the danger too late, and the explosion filled the viewscreen with a brilliant white light.

Luke dragged himself back to consciousness and forced himself to concentrate. The room was small a square, dimly lit as was the custom within Klingon ship interiors. A low table was on one side of the room and there sat Luke’s combadge, anti-proton pistol and utility vest with various pieces of equipment in pockets and pouches. Standing next to that table was General Ahara. A tall, slender Orion female with silky black hair and wearing a mix of the usual revealing clothing preferred by Orion women and sleek ceremonial armour appropriate to her rank. Luke had met her before on the battlefield many times and once they had even been forced to work together against the Breen. Next to her stood a human male, muscular and wearing the Klingon sash of a commander.
“Let me deal with him General. I’ll report when I break him.”
“You should have talked to me Vice Admiral” smiled the Orion as she walked out the room.
Luke heard the movement of feet that sounded like two guards saluting as the General left. Two guards, he had to remember that, but now he had more pressing concerns.
“So....Commander is it? An Orion General in command of this ship with a human first officer! Times have changed within the Empire...”
The man moved so quickly Luke hardly had time to brace himself as the punch landed squarely on his jaw...

The time Luke spent commanding the USS Pecos was a time he would never forget. He was promoted to Captain for his bravery at the Battle of Rator and given command of the ship he had saved when the previous commanding officer had died of his wounds in sick bay. The crew of the Pecos weren’t very happy about this to say the least, many of them disapproved of a Captain who was much younger and had served less time than a majority of the crew, and to make matters worse in their eyes he had brought his own crew on board as simple replacements to the lost members of the Pecos.

Rumours also spread of Luke’s record. The USS Apollo damaged and forced to under-go extensive refits and repairs, the USS Helena confiscated by the secretive Department of Temporal Affairs, USS Concorde destroyed and now many wondered what would become of the Pecos. On the way to Deep Space 9 for assignment in Cardassian space multiple fights broke out between the split crew over their new commanding officer. It took all of Luke’s limited resolve to see it through and not request reassignment.

Over time the atmosphere on the Pecos became less hostile. Divisions between the old and new crew lessened, and eventually after four months that seemed an eternity the ship started to feel like it was working as a unit. Then the Terran Empire attacked the Federation. The Pecos, despite being nearly 40 years old was right on the front line. What followed was a whirlwind of events: the exposing of an Undine agent intent on destroying Deep Space 9, preventing the Terran Empire for diverting the Bajoran Wormhole, a meeting with the Bajoran Prophets, crossing over into the Terran Empire universe to close the rift between there and the Federation’s universe and the discovery of a New Link. It had been hardly a year since Vega and Luke once again found himself recalled to Earth, for promotion and reassignment. Rumours circulated that he was given special treatment by command, but the crew of the Pecos stuck true to their story on their commanding officer: he made his own luck and was exactly the sort of person that Starfleet needed with Admiral pips on his uniform.

Luke looked blearily at the man in front of him. He felt himself losing consciousness more and more often and looking back on his past commands. He knew the moment he couldn’t wake up the Klingons would kill him. Then the whole room shook. Alarms blasted throughout the Klingon ship. The human commander looked up and then ran out of the room, shouting a command to the guards that Luke couldn’t quite hear. That didn’t matter, since the manacle on his left arm was indeed loose. Luke strained against the bond, putting every last bit of energy he had into breaking it. A click and the left restraint opened slightly, but not enough to be seen by the guards. Luke groaned out loud, and slumped in his chair. He hoped it wasn’t too over dramatic. The room shook violently again. He heard movement behind him and saw two guards appear, one on either side, through his half closed eyes. An Orion male to the left and a Klingon to the right. Luke took a deep breath and then moved.