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# 64 Flashback (The Continuation)
05-23-2011, 04:14 PM

His left arm came up, fully out of the manacle and swung upwards into the Orions throat. The green skinned alien staggered back choking and cluching his throat. At the same time Luke’s right arm swung backwards, elbow first into the Klingon’s stomach, causing the burly warrior to stagger back. That gave Luke the time he needed. He dived forward for the table, grabbed for his pistol. His hand closed around the grip and swung round, pulling the trigger twice. The first red beam lanced into the Klingon’s face just as he was reaching for his disruptor pistol, the second beam hit the Orion square in the chest leaving a burning hole. Both guards dropped to the floor. An explosion of sparks overhead. Luke slumped on the table, he felt his consciousness slipping away again, three days as a Klingon prisoner finally taking its toll. He fumbled for his combadge on the table and succeeded in grabbing it and placing it on his tattered uniform . Another violent shake of the room. Luke’s eyes started to close. A warm tingling on his skin. Luke slipped back into his memories...

The USS Alecto, NCC-7084, hung in orbit over Earth, still within the confines of dry-dock. The huge star-cruiser was Luke’s next ship as a Rear Admiral Lower Half and was finally a command of his own. Fresh out of San Francisco Shipyards he was to be the first commanding officer ever to sit in the Alecto's command chair. He had selected the crew, the ship was ready and now all she needed was her commanding officer. Just as Luke’s shuttle approached the sun appeared over the curve of Earth, bathing the Alecto in a radiant light. Alecto, an Ancient Greek Erinye, a demi-goddess. The ship certainly looked it now.

Over the course of the next six months Luke commanded the Alecto in the retaking of Starbase 82, an encounter with Q, against the Undine in their own space and the rescue of colonists from a world invaded by the Borg. Soon Luke was promoted once again to Rear Admiral Upper Half, and then the discovery of an Undine Terradome, helping to find a cure of the Borg assimilation virus and at the same time take a step towards peace with the Klingons as well as yet another time travel mission back to the battle with the Borg at Vega, all lead to promotion to Vice Admiral. The new found rank gave Luke the ability to deploy the Alecto where it was needed most. It was on this ship that he truly felt at home. It was his ship, and his alone.

Luke awoke in a sickbay, to see Lieutenant Commander Nrisele, Chief Medical Officer on the Alecto, looking down on him, dermal regenerator in hand.
“You are lucky to be alive sir!” she said with a smile
“What happened?” groaned Luke, feeling a headache started to appear.
“The crew wouldn’t accept me in command,” said the joking voice of Luke’s first officer as she stepped next to Nrisele, also with a smile on her face, “they insisted we come and get you. It was lucky you activated your combadge when you did, we were having trouble scanning the Klingon ship for your signal.”
“What happened to the Klingons?”
“They escaped just after we beamed you out. You collapsed in the transporter room, and as Nrisele said you’re lucky to be here.”
“Ah well...” sighed Luke.
"Sir?" asked his First Officer in a confused tone.
"Nothing Commander. It doesn't matter now. I'm home..."
And with that Luke lay back on the bed and for the first time in several days, relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief.