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05-23-2011, 09:03 PM
I ask why make the distinction. Currently the plan is to crank out featured episodes that are available to both factions. why stop high end bi-faction content that makes everyone happy, in favor of less polished, at times weak content just for the sake of "catching up a faction". What's done is done. Feature episodes is good stuff for both factions. Why deviate from that? Klingons are still getting more content with the episodes. now if you had said put a stop to fed costumes and ships in favor or klingon costumes and ships..then by all means...go ahead. Feds have plenty of costumes and ships for the time being. I don't mind seeing a little lay off from that in favor of bring that portion of content up to par with feds. But not episodes or mission content. the current plan makes everyone happy and it is high quality.