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05-23-2011, 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by 12guageshotgun
I play both fed and KDF and know all to well the difference in the factions content level. The KDF constantly asks for new content, even gives an abundance of ideas and concepts so the material to implement is there. I am here as a Federation captain asking you my fellow captains if we could stand 4 or so months without new content so the KDF can get a quarter of the content, or even if that is the right thing to do. i am not talking high end missions or fluff i am talking about what we had at launch and even in beta.

should the KDF get the same amount of content that the feds had at launch, or should they be left as they are, an incomplete faction that is merely an afterthought?
Well I agree the Klingons need more content, I don't think stopping all fed content is the way to go. Both sides pay and both should get content. I personally think it should be equal and Cyptic has been fairly good about it, with most missions coming out being available to both sides.

Also a lot of the Fed content during beta and season 1 lacked the same quality that more recent stuff Cryptic has released has. While it would be more I fear that it would have the same reception the brunt of story missions the fed have got.

Increasing the Klingon content over the fed content for a while though seems a bit better.