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05-24-2011, 03:55 AM
What the KDF is asking for is not much, and when you think about it a few months without C-Store fluff is not really much of a halt on federation production. give the KDF what they have been promised, that's not to much to ask for is it? Also i am not saying completely stop fed development what i am asking for is a temporary switch in priorities so the KDF can have what it needs to be a faction, which means the devs can turn their attention more fully to the federation instead of devoting the constant amount of resources into the KDF, spend a few months with most of your attention their, then when they have the basics the KDF will be satisfied. we dont want to be a huge diverse fluffy faction like the federation klingon life is spartan by nature.

simple things like giving 3 costume variants per class(like most of the fed ships) would go a long way to satisfying the KDF, 5 missions or so, right now we have 8(not counting FEs, those are not faction based) just some of those basic things.