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05-24-2011, 05:21 AM
The content I am asking for is not so much dealing with new KDF only missions. While that would be nice, we know that won't happen...why? because it wouldtake away from the Federation-only people' sense of the game.

All I am looking for is some KDF customization. Hair clips on all of the unifroms (darned dreads), We still have no rank identification for LTG, we finally got a vet reward for 500 days! (yay...go super hero cape). We have little to no customization to uniforms. We have no classic Trek uniforms as the Feds have, and believe me we like classic Trek as much as you...I mean I love the TOS movies and such (they give us fingerless gloves, introduce General Chang's wardrobe, the wardrobe of Kruge, and the pimp-looking Klink captain Klaa...notice the big hair of the 80's Klinks were still

All I really want as do many people is some customization, our revamp of Qo'Nos (yes, we have the 1 social zone to ourselves all inside and to anybody unfamiliar to the KDF side it is difficult to find things on that side as a newbie, and those who go on vacation forget where things are we need a revamp), and possibly some ship customization to go with our clothing/hair customization.

Do those things and you will hear much, much less from KDF players. I do not want to sound as though we are complaining/whining...but I want Federation players to ask themselves one question...

When did the Klingons get anything C-Store or otherwise to improve their quality their quality of gaming or to improve their immersion into the RP aspect of the game? (remember that new ships are something that are available through the game to all LTG' that doesn't count)
When you answer that question...ask yourself one question... When was the last time Fed players got something to improve their quality of gaming or to improve their immersion into the RP aspect of the game? (Easier to answer this question right?)

I know for a fact a good number of KDF players would jump at the chance to buy some proper Klingon gear from the C-Store...we are talking proper gear from the shows and movies...

Remember KDF players are Fed players too....(I have 3 on each side....all max level, and all equipped at the max lvl too)

This is my 2 cents worth of don't have to agree on it, but I'd rather you not trash my ideas or make flippant comments, so be polite as I shall try to be as well.... Thanks and have a nice day.